Client Testimonial: Gerald and Sandra Langham

To Whom it may concern:

We recently completed some remodeling projects around our home, and we used ARM (Ross Goats) to do the work. We couldn't be more pleased with this experience.

Ross is a very knowledgeable and competent professional. To begin with, he is polite at all times and his behavior/demeanor is always gentlemanly (no foul language, dress, actions). 

We used him for preparation for painting, for painting doors, house, and deck; other miscellaneous repairs associated with that. He gave us a fair price with his excellent bid, and he was very helpful in making suggestions/identifying other needs around our home. He even got involved in troubleshooting and remediating a mold problem under our sink (which had nothing to do with his paint work). And his work is very, very good, thorough, and you can see that he adds his personal touch to the job. The paint job on the doors was beautiful, and we could see that Ross took much pain with it until it met his high standards. 

We really liked the fact that Ross returns all phone calls promptly. You never wonder for days on end about what's happening with your job. 

He is flexible regarding meshing his needs, the job requirements, and your schedule; and he works very hard at meeting your deadline. And, when the job is done, he does not leave a mess for you to clean up. In fact, he straightens up and cleans up what he can at the end of every day. 

We highly recommend Ross Goats for all your home remodeling needs, and we are very proud of the job he did for us. 

Gerald and Sandra Langham