A.R.M. Construction's 1st Annual Wheelchair Ramp Giveaway

A.R.M. Construction is announcing their campaign to provide a custom built, FREE wheelchair ramp to a worthy individual in need. The family-owned business’ late founder, Ross Goats, fathered a wheelchair bound daughter, Erica Goats, who knows the struggles of dealing with facilities that lack ADA compliance. A.R.M. desires to be the solution many handicaps seek for their physical limitations for years to come. Nominations for the giveaway will commence Wednesday, December 16th 2015 at 1 pm via Facebook on A.R.M. Construction’s business page. One winner will be announced December 30th, 2015. 

You are encouraged to nominate individuals living in Southeast Texas with a physical limitation and who need a wheelchair ramp installed at no cost to the client. Nominations will be received via A.R.M.’s website and social media as well as personal referrals. Those who’d like to donate time or materials are also encouraged to contact Monica Goats, President at monicagoats@yahoo.com. Guidelines will be posted on A.R.M. Construction’s website for public viewing: armsetx.com.

1. Applicant must reside in Southeast Texas
2. Applicant must be living in permanent housing (own the home that would be receiving the custom built ramp)
3. Applicant must have an immediate need for the ramp (pending needs, such as current hospitalization, or young children receiving a wheelchair soon, may also apply)

How to Apply:
1. Go to armsetx.com and click "Contact Us" and fill out the form, including name, phone number, and email address. 
2. In the SUBJECT BOX, type "Wheelchair Ramp Application" 
3. Provide the address of the applicant in the MESSAGE BOX along with a brief description of their physical limitations so we know how best to serve them if they win.

View press release HERE.

Our #1 priority is to create an environment in our business and community that will guarantee every grandmother can hire a contractor without her or her family becoming concerned or cheated.
— Monica Goats, President